Montessori & Nursery Programs

Among free, no-fee-levying-day-care-givers, a rare happening now-a-days in Sri Lanka, Canadian Charity, Canada Sri Lanka Life Development Centre has become the envy of popular day care business entrepreneurs in the island! CSLDC is forging ahead regardless, thanks to your help, charging no fees and providing the wherewithal to needy children in the remote Hambantota District, Down South! A compassionate service a visionary Canadian Buddhist Monk began in 1997 before Tsunami, and charity came to be in fashion in the island!

Look what’s there within reach of each needy child’s tender hands just for the asking! A daytime meal with green soup, uniforms, schoolbags, water-bottles, lunchboxes, drawing/painting books, crayons, coloring pencils, glue, erasers, scissors, cutting boards/papers etc.,

Yes! All that school stuff! Not to mention the monthly salaries of Montessori Teachers and care-givers and some rentals!

Yet, No-fee-levying! Because they are orphans or their parents have absolutely nothing to give other than their moral support, sense of good times to come and dreams for their children! Let’s, you and me, make those dreams come true!