Projects & Programs

The main objective of this foundation is to provide monetary and non-monetary assistance and services in the following areas in order to improve the living standards of these marginalized people of the community.

  1. Canadapura Children's Home (Orphanage)
  2. Training and Education (Scholarship Programs/Nursery Programs)
  3. Health and sanitation Programs
  4. Mental Health Programs
  5. Poverty Alleviation (Poorest Housing Project)
  6. Trip Canada Project
  7. Disaster Relief Programs
  8. Rehabilitation and reconstruction programs
  9. Rural Development
  10. Counselling
  11. Settlements & Establishments
  12. Building Leadership Programs
  13. Volunteering Opportunities
  14. Giving Back to the Community Program

Canadapura Children's Home (Orphanage)

This facility dates back to January 2004 December when Southern Sri Lanka experienced a severe tsunami disaster destroying thousands of homes and families lived by the sea. A large number of children who lost both parents were housed in Canadapura Children's Home in Tangalle, Sri Lanka on the initiative of the Canada Sri Lanka Life Development Center, a charitable institution based in Toronto Canada.

This residence now provides care for children ranging from orphans to neglected in addition to court placed abused and the vulnerable. Regardless of race, culture or religion children are admitted to the residence where they are given the love, security and the needs for a sound development. This home strives to provide a sense of security and continuity, along with all tools to become self reliant, confident and emotionally stable when they come of age.

The key programs the residents are engaged in, are

  • Scholarship and Education to continue formal education in the local school system, it is also an effort to integrate the students in the community they plan to return to.
  • Physical and Mental Health Services. The children who come from broken homes, lacking parental care as well as the orphans are in need of these health services.
  • Counselling and Rehabilitation are essential services for abused and the neglected.

Donors supporting the development of these children are encouraged to target the above services and monitor the progress of the respective children.


Canada Sri Lanka Life Development Centre is also engaged in facilitating the following services for those unable to take care of themselves financially

Poverty Alleviation

This is primarily creating housing for those families lacking basic accommodation

Disaster Relief Services

Disaster Relief Services for victims of emergencies resulting from major floods, tsunami, tornados and pandemic.

Rural Development

Helping families learn socio-economic skills for sustainable development.

Leadership Training

Providing opportunities for children and youth to develop leadership skills through a variety of programs ranging from workshops to team work building.

New Immigrant Settlement

Providing supports and opportunities for new immigrants and their settlements to find jobs, schools, recreational activities, opportunities to upgrade education, talent, skills, trainings and so on through different kind of workshops, placements, volunteering, etc.