Canadapura Village

With the tsunami disaster, which hit Sri Lanka’s coastal belt, a large number of children, has lost either parents or one parent. In most cases both the parents of these poor children fell victims to this tragedy and these children are left without any close kith or kin to look after them. Although short term relief measures are underway in a massive scale, in the affected Hambantota District neither the GOSL nor any Not For Profit organisation has so far made any long term plans to set up institutions not only to look after these orphaned children but to provide long term care and other basic needs until they become useful citizens of Sri Lanka. Furthermore, the foundation also plans to construct 50 new houses to families where the children have lost one parent due to this recent disaster. Thus, seeing the future need first, the foundation decided to construct an orphanage for these children whose parents fell victim to the recent tsunami disaster.

The foundation has decided to construct a mini village in a suitable location within the district with an approximate extension of 10 acres for these children which comprises of

  1. A central building for administration
  2. Two large separate dormitories with 100 rooms which can accommodate 200 girls and boys
  3. A pre school for children less than 5 years who do not attend public schools
  4. A playground for kids and teens
  5. A health care facility with medical and dental services
  6. Vocational training centre for different vocations including information technology
  7. A library
  8. A prayer room
  9. A repair and maintenance building

The foundation will set up a long-term General Education Plan for these needy children, which will comprise of

  1. Admitting them to public schools in the close vicinity of the village
  2. An after school program to teach mathematics, Science and English
  3. An IT education centre
  4. Other technical courses leading to Technologist status to fulfil the urgent need of the industry

The following infrastructure facilities will be included in the project:

  1. Safe drinking water project
  2. Electricity and telecommunication systems
  3. Medical equipment and 6 beds for sick children and a dental chair
  4. Transport system for the children to be taken to school and back
  5. A complete laundry and storage facilities
  6. Security system and equipment for safety and security
  7. A complete modern kitchen to prepare three meals for all the inmates including the staff
  8. Repair and maintenance division

The foundation will also construct new houses within this premise for 50 families. The criteria for the selection will be strictly based upon the facts that they are victims of this recent disaster and the children have lost one of their parents in this tragedy. Thus, this village will consist of buildings and other infrastructure facilities to the orphaned children and to the 40 families whose houses will be constructed within the premises.

Proposed Building Structure

Main Building Types

  1. Administration building
  2. Storage building
  3. Kids classroom (Montessori) building
  4. Dormitory Building
  5. Multipurpose hall for dining & study
  6. Kitchen & store
  7. Religious building
  8. I.T. Education center
  9. Vocational training center
  10. Gymnasium
  11. Community activities building
  12. Workers residence building
  13. 40 houses for workers & necessary residence

Other requirements

  1. Electricity
  2. Water supply system
  3. Sewerage system
  4. Waste water system
  5. Rain water & surface drain system
  6. Road system
  7. Earth work & Landscaping
  8. Air-conditioning (Required area only)
  9. Generator system
  10. Telephone system
  11. Sound system
  12. Parking spaces for public & residence
  13. Equipment & furniture

Floor area requirement for the building

  1. Administration building floor Ares
    1. Office staff 3,000sq.ft
    2. Conference room 20’ X40’ 800sq.ft
    3. 4 Toilet block (3 commodes, 3washbasing two urinals) 1,200sq.ft
    4. Store room for small equipment 20’ x 40’ 800sq.ft
    5. Library area 75’ x 200’ 15,000sq.ft
    6. High-Tec computer room 25’ x 100’ 2,500sq.ft
    7. Staff lunch room 11’ x 18’ 200sq.ft
    8. Counseling room 5nos (10’ x 8’) 400sq.ft
    9. Administration manger office 12’ x 20’ 250sq.ft
    10. 3 Special class room 20’ x 30’ x 3nos 600sq.ft
    11. Special equipment storage room 20’ x30’ 600sq.ft
    12. Future development 15% of the floor area 3,802sq.ft
    13. Circulation area 20% of the floor area 5,070sq.ft Total floor area 34,222sq.ft

  2. Elementary, Middle & high school children classroom building
    1. Each class room size 25’ x 40’ =1000 sq.ft
      50 classrooms 1000sq.ft x 50 50,000sq.ft
      Including toilet & circulation facilities

  3. Kids class room building (1) Each class room size 25’ x 40’ =1000 sq.ft
    4 classrooms 4,000sq.ft
    Including toilet & circulation facilities

  4. Dormitory Building
    1. Boy’s Dormitory for 200 children
      1. 100 rooms 10’ x12’ each 12,000sq.ft
      2. Washrooms 2,400sq.ft
      3. T.V. two rooms 12’ x18’ 432sq.ft
      4. Two Common room 12’ x18’ 432sq.ft
      5. Two Warden rooms 10’ x12’ 240sq.ft
      6. Two store rooms 10’ x12’ 240sq.ft
      7. 15% Circulation 2,360sq.ft
        Total Floor area 18,100sq.ft

    2. Girl’s Dormitory for 200 children
      1. 100 rooms 10’ x12’ each 12,000sq.ft
      2. Washrooms 2,400sq.ft
      3. T.V. two rooms 12’ x18’ 432sq.ft
      4. Two Common room 12’ x18’ 432sq.ft
      5. Two Warden rooms 10’ x12’ 240sq.ft
      6. Two store rooms 10’ x12’ 240sq.ft
      7. 15% Circulation 2,360sq.ft
        Total Floor area 18,100sq.ft

  5. Multipurpose hall for dining & study 400 people (12sq.ft per person) 4,800sq.ft For dining & study

  6. Kitchen & store
    Kitchen & store area 4,800sq.ft
    Including Circulation & other services

  7. Religious building
    Three units. Each unit 25’ x 60’ 4,500sq.ft

  8. I.T. Training center
    5 Rooms. Each room 25’ x40’=5000
    Circulation =1250 6,250sq.ft

  9. Vocational training center
    4 Classrooms Each one 30’ x75’=9,000
    Washrooms & Circulation 2,000 11,000sq.ft

  10. Gymnasium
    Hall 100’ x 200’ 20,000sq.ft

  11. Community center
    1. Main hall for 100 people = 1000
    2. 5 No’s Play room 10’ x10’ = 500
    3. Circulation & Sanitary = 700 2,200sq.ft

  12. Workers residence building
    15 Workers 2,500sqft

  13. 40 houses for workers & necessary residence
    Each house coved 700sq.ft
    1. Bed room 1 10’ x12’
    2. Bed room 2 10, x 12’
    3. Living & Dining space 12’ x 20’
    4. Toilet 8’ x 6’
    5. Kitchen 10’ x 9’
    6. Open verandah at front 7’ x 9.4’
      Total floor area 28,000sq.ft