About Us

The Canada Sri Lanka Life Development Centre (CSLDC) a non-profit organization registered Canadian Charity BN/Registration # 861720092 RR0001, based in Brampton, Ontario is interested in providing developmental support for these groups of Tsunami victims, poorest, and orphaned. Over the past fifteen years the CSLDC has been involved in poverty alleviation work with its counterpart organization in Sri Lanka, the Needy Children’s Scholarship Foundation (NCSF), a Non-Profit Organization registered with the Government of Sri Lanka (GOSL), located in the district of Hambantota.

Since it’s inception in 1997, this foundation has provided for much of the needs in the poverty-stricken district of Hambantota, in Sri Lanka. Managed by a trust that is responsible for the operation and utilization of funds, the objective of this foundation is to provide monetary and non-monetary assistance and services to improve living standards of marginalized people who have become overnight as orphans.

Rev. Pangnasara, Founder of Canadapura Children's Village Project

The main objective of this foundation is to provide monetary and non-monetary assistance and services in the following areas in order to improve the living standards of these marginalized people of the district.

  1. Poverty Alleviation Projects
  2. Training and Education for youth, school going and non-school going children
  3. Health and sanitation facilities to the needy
  4. Rehabilitation and reconstruction programs
  5. Rural Development
  6. Projects concerned with the Protection of Child Rights

CSLDC is keen to strengthen the work of NCSF which includes monetary and non-monetary assistance and services to poverty-stricken children in the district. The NCSF is also actively engaged in a variety of activities and projects including poverty alleviation; training and education for youth and school drop outs, health and sanitation, and children’s rights.

This agency has a history of significant accomplishments in the socio-economic development in the area. Establishment of four Montessori schools for 120 children, provision of scholarships to over 1450 financially disadvantaged students, funding of a physician to attend to health care needs of scholarship recipients, setting up an eye clinic and providing glasses, repairing and building over 100 houses of low income families; and offering of free after school teaching of Mathematics, Science and English. These initiatives have been implemented with generous financial assistance from individual Canadians channeled through Canada-Sri Lanka Life Development Centre in Brampton, Toronto, Canada.

The NCSF’s impressive history and its outstanding contribution to the area over the years is an incentive for CSLDC to pursue a long term service collaboration for children who are victims of poorest of the poor.

Thanks to Canada Sri Lanka Life Development Cerntre, during the past 12 years, over a hundred of families have received help to educate their children and put their own lives in order under our direction that relies heavily on the principles of self help through assistance from Canada.

Canada Sri Lanka Life Development Cerntre’s on site assistance to thousands in the Hambantota district, especially it’s timely action in regard to about hundred of children rendered orphans in the immediate aftermath of the Tsunami deluge has been recognized by the highest levels of the government of Sri Lanka and both national and the international officials working in the area.

Present Goals:

In response to the devastating effects of the tsunami, the foundation has proposed an action plan to address concerns for children who are suffering from the loss of either one or both parents, kin, homes, schools and community. The aim of the foundation is to provide both a short and long-term commitment to provision of care in these areas.

Short Term Planning involves the construction of the Tsunami Orphanage Village (Canadapura Children’s Village). This mini-village will be established on 10 acres within the Hambantota district and will include critical infrastructures such as housing, educational, religious, health, play and maintenance facilities, and can accommodate for200 hundred children who have lost both parents to the tsunami and some other reasons. With this village, new houses for 10 families will also be constructed for children who have lost either one or both parents to the disaster and are in need of housing. Care, education and other basic needs will be provided until all children within this setting become independent.

Long Term Planning includes commitment to tasks, duties and responsibilities assigned to the foundation’s trustees and implementation of the program for a minimum period of10years.

Canada Sri Lanka Life Development Cerntre means to address that challenge and would like to count on your generosity to help us in whatever way you can. While the urgency of our need cannot be overstated, we would welcome any donation, however small it may be, so we can bring a little sunshine to the poor orphaned children in one of the worst neglected and remote areas of Sri Lanka.

Your donation will be acknowledged and we assure full transparency as to how your donation will be utilized through a system of monthly progress reports that will be copied to all the donors. We thank you for making our children’s dire needs your priority!